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    Are you looking for this page-turning all consuming adrenaline rush of The Heiresses book? But is every bookstore near you just seem to be out of it? Here is a comprehensive list of all the stores that currently carry the book. If you find a store that isn't listed, please let me know so I can add it!

    Store Name Online Store Find a store near you
    Barnes & Nobles Book (Paperback)
    Store Finder
    BAM! aka Books-A-Million Buy Now! (Hardcover)
    Book (Paperback) Store Finder
    Amazon Book (Paperback)
    Book (Hardcover) N/A
    Target N/A Store Finder
    Walmart Book (Paperback) Store Finder
    Ollies N/A Store Finder (Call first!) Book (Hardcover: used) N/A
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    Hello Heiresses!

    As a reader of The Heiresses and an avid fan of Gossip Girl, I can't help but notice some shocking similarities between the two respective series. While they are different in plots and characters, there are some similarities that just can't be ignored. Here, I will document the similarities that I find, and leave it up to you to decide if the two series are really similar, or if I'm reading into things...

    • Wealthy Families: They focus on wealthy families and people. TH focuses on the Saybrooks', while GG focuses on the Van der Woodsens among other families.
    • Trust Funds/Inheritance:
    • Location: New York.
    • Gossip Site: Both feature a prominent gossip website that posts about the main characters lives.
    • Love Triangles: While many s…

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