Briony Kenwood is the youngest and second-born daughter of Poppy Saybrook and James Kenwood. She is an heiress to both of her families fortunes.


She was born during the five-year-skip from Steven Barnett's funeral to the present-day. She is the younger sister of Skylar Kenwood.


The Heiresses

At Corinne's fitting, an exhausted Poppy tells Corinne she can't meet her as she's in back-to-back meetings for the rest of the decade, and her daughter Briony’s been up every night this week, and Skylar needs her birthday party planned. At Poppy's funeral, Corinne described her as waddling around confused and also bored. James later said that she didn't quite understand everything that was happening but knew that her mother wasn't coming back. After the funeral, Briony went back to one of Edith's homes along with her father, sister, and maternal family. After Edith mentioned that she thought Poppy was killed, Briony was taken out of the room along with her sister.

Physical Appearance


Notes and Trivia

  • She is the second-born daughter of Poppy and James.
  • She is an heiress to both the Kenwood and Saybrook families, making her the second-in-line for any and all inheritances from her parents.