Dixon Shackleford is a recurring character in The Heiresses. The fiancé of Corinne Saybrook, their perfect happily-ever-after jumps in jeopardy as Corinne fights with her heart.


Corrine and Dixon became a couple effortlessly, and shortly thereafter a plan was put into place. Even though it Corinne who’d instated the plan, but Dixon good-naturedly went along with it. Once they graduated from Yale, Dixon would work on the trading side of Shackelford Oil on Wall Street. Corinne would work at Saybrook’s. They would move into separate apartments in the same condo building, and then, once they were engaged at twenty-five, they would move into the three-bedroom penthouse. They would marry by twenty-six, have their first child at twenty-nine, and their second at thirty-one. And then they’d spend the next thirty years building their careers and raising the family.

Besides the blip when Dixon took off to England to intern with FTSE — and, well, the other incident Corinne tried never to think about — life had proceeded exactly to plan. Only, somehow, whenever Dixon proposed a wedding date last year, Corinne had found reasons to wait—the estate in Meriweather, where she insisted they have the wedding, was undergoing renovations last summer. Fall was her least favorite season, and spring was just too muddy and unpredictable. But no matter. In a month, they’d finally do it. Evan had made all the arrangements, with Corinne’s blessing. Every detail was in place, but Corinne till felt like her heart was with Will, the man she had an affair with years before.

Physical Appearance

Corinne describes Dixon as having floppy brown hair and gray-green eyes.


Dixon was a more swaggering Texan than mannered British. He evidently is more outgoing than Corinne, as he liked to hung out and party with Aster.


Corinne Saybrook


Will Collidge


Aster Saybrook

Aster has always liked Dixon, as he and his friends were usually up for late nights, and he could turn anything into a drinking game.