Jonathan York is the former husband of Grace Saybrook, and the CEO of Gemologique International, one of Saybrook's Diamonds biggest competitor.


He was once married to Grace Saybrook and the pair were a power couple in New York. With Jonathan growing his own company and becoming an heir in his own right, and Grace being an heiress to the Saybrook fortune, they were almost unstoppable. They had three sons, but one day, their one son disappeared from their front year and was never seen again. The case is still considered unsolved. Following this heartbreaking incident, which was considered by many to be a product of the curse, Jonathan and Grace divorced and Jonathan went his own way. He then remarried to a trophy-wife named Jessica, whom he often showed off to the world.


The Heiresses

He is first seen attending Poppy Saybrook's funeral alone, not in attendance with his new wife, Jessica. Jessica is mainly his trophy wife, and Corinne had heard rumors that the pair had broken up. Jonathan gives his sympathies to Corinne over Poppy's death. He mentions that he knew she was struggling but never thought she would do something like this, which confused Corinne. He also discreetly stated that perhaps the Saybrook family should put work and their company aside for a bit until the family can recover from this horrible loss. Corinne realizes quickly that this is just a ploy to try and get the company to falter, and get his own company to rise in both fortune and popularity. She is cordial but and he soon leaves her alone.

Physical Appearance

Described as tall and thin, he has bright blue eyes and salt-and-pepper colored hair. He is often seen in an expensive suit and tie combination.


Jonathan is extremely arrogant, self-centered, and flashy. He often takes advantage of situations to further his own agenda or company. He loves appearances and will do whatever it takes to maintain his image.


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