Katherine Foley is an FBI agent from New York, who specializes in homicides. She was asked to look into the mysterious death of Poppy Saybrook, whom she and the FBI believe was murdered.


During an unknown point in her life, she became an agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. She currently specializes in homicides and murders.


The Heiresses

After Edith revealed that she believed Poppy was murdered, her son, Mason, instantly asked for proof after he said that they had been through this already. Edith then pointed to Katherine and stated that she was going to prove that Poppy was murdered. Katherine introduced herself, and everyone originally thought that this was just another one of Edith's ideas. However, Katherine presented the family with a number of strange events circulating the death of Poppy - events that to her and her superiors were grounds to open the case as a murder. She also warned them that all of the Heiresses could potentially be the murderers next victim, and showed them a new headline on The Blessed and the Cursed that read, "One heiress down, four to go." and warned them to be careful. Foley then asked to speak with each other Saybrook's separately so that they could give their official statements before leaving the home.

Physical Appearance

Katherine is rather tall and has blonde hair, wide blue eyes, and an athletic figure. Physically, she doesn't seem much older than Corinne.


She is a very serious and business-type of a woman, who focuses hard on uncovering the truth about all of her cases. She is very polite and cordial as well, especially to Edith who started experiencing memory difficulties.

Notes and Trivia

  • She is the first FBI agent introduced in the book.