Leona Sage is the wife of Robert Saybrook, and the mother to Rowan, Michael and Palmer Saybrook. She works with many civil right movements and is considered to be both an activist and an advocate for others.


Although not much is known about Leona's early life, what is known is that she became an advocate and activist for many civil rights issues. At some point in her life she met and fell in love with Robert Saybrook, and the two were married. They welcomed their first children, the twins Rowan and Michael, followed by their youngest son Palmer. Even after the birth of her children, Leona continued to be an advocate especially for same-sex marriage, a belief that caused her conflict with her mother-in-law. She raised her children to be very open-minded and strong individuals.


The Heiresses

Physical Appearance


Leona is very intelligent, smart, and strong-willed. She can hold her own in a debate and isn't shy about stating her opinion. She is very caring and willing to help others, as shown in her activism to make others lives better. Leona is a feminist and has a strong view of women and that they can be leaders, something she instilled in her daughter. She isn't very attached to the money side of her life, although she does appreciate it greatly. She cares about her image and the image of her daughter, even warning her about her scandalous behaviors out of fear of what others - including her in-laws - might think about Rowan.


Robert Saybrook

Robert is Leona's husband, and the two love each other very much. Roberts mother, Edith, didn't approve of Leona for her son and advised him against marrying her out of fear of what she might do to their image. Despite this, Robert married her and the two had three children together, Rowan, Michael, and Palmer. They currently have a happy and strong marriage.

Rowan Saybrook

Rowan is Leona's first-born and only daughter. They have a close relationship, and Leona cares deeply about Rowan's well-being and her image. She tries to protect her from bad press and warns her about the repercussions of having a sex tape online, and advises her to be more diligent from now on.

Edith Saybrook

Notes and Trivia

  • She believes in and supports same-sex marriage, a belief that often causes conflict between her and Edith.
  • She fights for women's rights and is a proud feminist.