The following is the list of deaths in chronological order that involved the characters in the novel The Heiresses, most notably involving the victims of the Saybrook family curse.

The Saybrooks have long since plagued with great and deadly misfortunes that have claimed the lives of many family members. The media had invented the concept of the "Family Curse" long ago. There was even an anonymously run website called the Blessed and the Cursed that documented the Saybrook calamities and misfortunes, and it received thousands of hits a day. No one could get enough of the legendary American family that was so blessed with fortune and beauty, yet cursed with a string of mysterious sudden deaths.

# (Order) Name Relation To The Saybrooks Cause Of Death
1 Louise Great-Aunt Fell off a balcony at a New Years Eve party and fell twenty stories down, having held her martini the whole time.
2 Unknown Great Uncle Trampled at a polo match.
3 Unknown Second Cousin Plane lost at sea.
4 Unknown Cousin Grandfather Alfred and grandmother Edith's youngest daughter, now-divorced Grace's son who was kidnapped from the front yard. He is presumably dead.
5 Grandfather Alfrid Grandparent Mysteriously died five years ago.
6 Steven Barnett Family Friend Supposedly accidental drowning due to high intoxication, which happened at the annual Saybrooks' summer party.
7 Poppy Saybrook Cousin Died from falling fifty feet from the family company's building. Confronted and murdered by Poppy's Killer