Meriweather Estate is the name of the summer island estate in which the Saybrook's own. It is located off the coast of Martha's Vineyard. The family hosts many lavish and gorgeous parties here despite its dark past.


Poppy, Aster, and Rowan would camp out in the backyard of the Estate as children and tell ghost stories about their families curse.

Aster and Mason would often visit the estate when they went on there, "special trips".

One summer, Dixon broke-up with Corinne at the estate and she had an affair with Will Coolidge one of the nights that followed.


The Heiresses

Steven Barnett's body had been found on the shoals of the Meriweather Estate, and it was determined that he had drowned after his blood alcohol level reached a dangerous point.

Four-years later, Corinne wanted to have her wedding to Dixon Shackleford at the estate over the summer, but she had to postpone when it suddenly closed to undergo renovations. However, everything worked out in the end and she planned to have both the wedding and rehearsal dinner there. She'd invited Dixon's parents to stay there, but they had declined.

At the end of the novel, a year had passed, and the Saybrook's were hosting a lavish "end-of-summer" party. In reality, it was to welcome in a new client that Aster had brought into the company and the party hosted over two-hundred guests. From her chair outside, Edith observed the entire party and commented on everyone's lives and how they had changed over the year that had past. She also reminisced about her first time Alfred "found" a giant diamond in Paris and he started the company. In the midst of her thoughts, she heard a scream followed by Patrick running through the pines shouting for help. When she arrived on the beach and pushed through the crowd someone yelled for anyone to call 911. She was horrified to find one of her Granddaughter lying on the sand, dead. Sirens wailed in the background, and Edith sobbed over her Granddaughters body. The medics arrived and were directed to the body, while Edith, Patrick, and the rest of the party watched the scene in horror.



Notes and Trivia

  • Steven Barnett's body was found on the shores of the Estate.
  • Julia Gilchrist and her unnamed ex-husband used to live in the Estate before he left after their divorce.
  • A body was found by the water at the end of the novel.