Michaela Grier is the adoptive daughter of Sadie Grier and the biological daughter of Corinne Saybrook and Will Coolidge. Michaela was given up shortly after her birth and adopted into the Grier household.



The Heiresses

Corrine, racked by guilt and needing to reconcile her own fears, visited the Grier household in the hopes that she could speak with her daughter at least once. Michaela opened the door and asked Corinne who she was, and Corinne replied by asking if her mother was home. She instantly knew that the little girl was her daughter - she was the perfect blend of her and Will. When Sadie arrived at the door, she sent Michaela back inside the house. Corinne introduced herself but Sadie already knew who she was. She explained that they had been through this and that Sadie is Michaela's mother now.

Corinne understood and asked to speak with her daughter at least once, but Sadie refused. She stated that she didn't appreciate her biological father dropping by on Michaela's birthday, as he asked too many questions, was too pushy, resembled her strongly, and forced the Grier's to explain to Michaela that she was adopted. Corinne realized then that Will had been to see Michaela and the Grier's, and that he knew about their daughter. Corinne asked one final time to speak with Michaela, but Sadie shook her head and stated that they were her parents now, apologized, and shut the door.

Physical Appearance

Described as the perfect blend of Corinne, Will, and the Saybrook family, Michaela is a beautiful young girl around seven years old. She has big blue eyes, a small mouth, and a slim figure. Her face is sprinkled in freckles, she has a button nose and a square jawline. Michaela has small hands and long feet - her second toe only slightly longer than her first. She has long curly hair that falls down her back - similar to that of the way Aster's used too.


From what was seen of Michaela, she is a sweet girl with a lighthearted attitude who loves to play with toys.

Notes and Trivia

  • Michaela would have been an heiress to the Saybrook's fortune if she hadn't been given up at birth.
  • She is the secret child of Corinne Saybrook and Will Coolidge.
  • Michaela strongly resembles that of her birth parents.
  • Her cousin, Poppy, was the only person that Corinne told about her pregnancy and the birth of the baby.
  • She is the first Saybrook child to be adopted out of the family.
  • She is the first-born Saybrook Great-Grandchild.