Mitch Erickson is an information technology employee at Saybrook's Diamonds, and a close co-worker as well as a friend to Aster Saybrook.


Prior to the events of the novel, Mitch and Aster met at a company Christmas party. Aster thought he was cute, and the pair flirted but nothing ever came out of it. She was kind to him, something that he remembered.


The Heiresses

Physical Appearance

He is described as tall and lanky, with unkempt hair and Clark Kent-style glasses. He has blondish hair with brown eyes, and a bump on the end of his nose which Aster thinks is cute. His style is casual, and he wears vans and no tie to work - something no one else at Saybrook's does.


Mitch is intelligent, kind, sweet, and earnest. He is willing to lend a hand to Aster even though he doesn't know her beyond their limited interactions, and even explains Excel to her. He is witty but also honest, as seen when he tells Mason that an idea was really Aster's and not Elizabeth's - despite knowing that this would upset Elizabeth. He is often the go-to guy for technology-related issues, showing that he has a vast skill and intellect for technology. He cares deeply for those he shares a connection with and was even willing to help his girlfriends family despite never meeting them before.


Aster Saybrook

Notes and Trivia

  • He works as an I.T. guy at Saybrook's Diamonds.
  • He is the first male co-worker that Aster met after being "hired" at the company.
  • He has a vast knowledge of Excel and even managed to teach Aster how to use it.
  • Mitch as a great-aunt who lives in Stamford.
  • Before asking her out, Mitch always had a crush on her. He even remembered her from the Christmas party a few years prior.