Skylar Kenwood is the daughter of James Kenwood and Poppy Saybrook, as well as the sister of Briony Kenwood. She is an heiress to both of her families respective legacies.

She is a member of the Kenwood and Saybrook family.


She was born during the five-year-skip from Steven Barnett's funeral to the present-day. She had recently turned three, and become the older sister to Briony Kenwood.


The Heiresses

Skylar is a recently turned three-year-old who attends preschool at Episcopal. At Corinne's fitting, an exhausted Poppy tells Corinne she can't meet her as she's in back-to-back meetings for the rest of the decade, and her daughter Briony’s been up every night this week, and Skylar needs her birthday party planned. At her birthday party that night, Poppy got caught up in a conversation with a fellow mother, Amelia, whose daughter had said "bisexual" instead of "biathlon". Poppy retorted by saying that Syklar called the doorman "douche bag" one day. At her mothers funeral, Corinne described her look as blank and lifeless. As if she didn't quite understand everything that was happening, but knew that her mother wasn't coming back. After the funeral, Skylar went back to one of Edith's homes along with her father and maternal family. After Edith mentioned that she though Poppy was killed, Skylar was taken out of the room along with her sister.

Later, James called Rowan to come over and help him with the two girls - he couldn't focus and felt like his head wasn't on right. Skylar asked Rowan where her mother was, and when she was coming back. Rowan told her that her mom took a bad fall, but she is always watching over her, and that if Skylar talks to her she'll hear her. After learning that Skylar had to bring cupcakes to the group, Rowan offered to take Sky to the bakery. However, Sky said that her mom always made them and Rowan happily helped in order to try and make the girls smile. The girls picked on James and lightened the mood, and Skylar seemed to lighten up about her mother and everything in general. That night, she asked Rowan to read her story and the two curled up in Skylar's bed as they read. Skylar fell asleep next to Rowan, who sneaked out of the room after a few minutes.

Physical Appearance


Notes and Trivia

  • She is the first-born daughter of both Poppy and James.
  • She is an heiress to both the Kenwood and Saybrook families, making her the next-in-line for any and all inheritances from her parents.