The Blessed and the Cursed is a tabloid gossip site that is notorious for chronicling the misfortunes and spreading rumors regarding the Saybrooks. They have been running the site for years, with numerous people feeding them information regarding the family.


Among some of the headlines and articles The Blessed and the Cursed have published regarding the family (ordered chronologically by the appearances in the book):

  • Aster Saybrook Is Out of Control - Pictures of Poppy ushering a drunk Aster from Corinne’s dress fitting, makeup smeared and her hair a tangled mess, and a disheveled Aster dancing at Badawi later that night.
  • Sink or Swim: New Coxswain Chef to Navigate Waters of Meriweather Wedding - Details about Corinne's upcoming wedding.
  • Photo of Rowan’s twin brother, Michael, on his way to his dermatological practice in Seattle, and a photo of her other brother, Palmer, with his family in Italy, where Palmer lead marketing for the Ferrari Formula 1 team. The website spread a rumor that Rowan’s brothers didn’t work in the family company because their grandfather, Alfred, didn’t think they were smart enough, but the truth was that they just weren’t interested in jewelry.
  • Speculated evidence behind the cause of the plane crash that killed Poppy's parents two summers ago.
  • Ro on the Go - Pictures of Rowan jogging in the park.
  • A picture of Corinne crying at Grandfather Alfred's funeral.
  • Information about Mason Saybrook being charged with obstruction of justice in Steven Barnett's murder.

Final Post

The last post that was featured in the book goes as such and hints at the possibility of another Saybrook existing. Shortly after it was posted and Rowan read it, the post disappeared and was deleted from the site once again.

One heiress, two heiress, three heiress, four. Five heiress, new heiress. Do they know there's one more?

Notes and Trivia

  • The blog chronicles the life of the Saybrook family, and is based on both their reporters and outside sources leaking information to them.
  • Julia Gilchrist was a major informant for the site, and fed them information for several years in an attempt to tarnish the Saybrook's name.
    • After Julia was revealed as Poppy and Steven's killer and went missing, the site went dark and didn't post anything for over a year.
  • Many readers have compared The Blessed and the Cursed to the infamous Gossip Girl website (from the book and television series Gossip Girl) and her and leaks about the upper-east-siders of New York City.
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