Will Coolidge is a recurring character in The Heiresses. He is a well-known chef, who had a secret relationship with Corinne over the Summer.


Although Will first met and made out with a drunk Corinne at a beach five years ago, he was watching her as she and Poppy drank and talked with guys at a bar. When she left the bar, Will had followed her to the beach, where they met and hooked up for the first time.

Will had found Corinne again when she was shopping in town. He’d peered at her from across the street, and then walked over and slipped a note into her hand. “The boatyard at Carson and Main. Midnight,” it read.

Corinne and Will later met that night. He leads her to a small fishing boat halfway down the slip. Corinne hadn’t asked whose boat it was; she hadn’t even thought about it. He touched Corinne’s keychain to the Meriweather Yacht Club and asked her if she had a boat.

She did - the massive family yacht that they later went. There, Will had asked about the real Corinne. She confessed to him about how she felt she could never have the chance to become herself because she needed to play the part of the dutiful good daughter. After Corinne told him her secrets, he took her into his arms, and they later have sex, unknowingly impregnating her.


The Heiresses

Corrine is meeting her fiance at a restaurant, where he sadly informs her that the chef they wanted to do their wedding had to cancel at the last minute. Corinne is devastated and this sends her into a flurry, however, Dixon states that he already found a replacement while he was allegedly doing work. She was hesitant when he called out another chef and shocked when she saw that it was Will, the man she had an affair with five-years-ago. Flustered, they seem to have already met one another, to which Dixon asks if they have met. Corinne quickly dismisses the accusation, and Will plays along with her pretending not to know him. He then states that it was nice to meet her before walking away.

Physical Appearance

Corinne describes him as having a broad frame, chiseled face, slender nose, and deep-set eyes. He has dark, wavy hair, some stubble on his face, and the kind of smile that seemed slightly teasing like he knew something you didn’t. His face was less tanned, his hair long and his body a little more toned than he was five years ago.[1]



Corinne Saybrook


Notes and Trivia

  • Will is a very popular and talented chef in New York.
  • He was going to cater to Corinne's wedding, however, she called off the wedding last minute.
  • He didn't know about his daughter until an anynomous letter was given to him.


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